Ocala Tax Service  
provides assistance in the following areas:

Tax Services:

We take a proactive approach to tax services. Our experts
stay current on changing tax laws and legislation so you
don’t have to.
We'll identify key tax- planning opportunities that can
minimize both your current and future tax liabilities and help
you put these plans in action throughout the year.
Some of our tax services include:

Income Tax Preparation

Personal Income Tax
Business Income Tax: Startup business, Established
businesses and
Unfilled Tax Returns.(past years)
Amended Tax Return(to correct your filing status, your
income or to add deductions or credits you may have
Electronic filing with direct deposit or Check of refunds
Bank Products (Tax return preparation without up-front
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN)
State Income Tax Returns(ALL STATES)

Accounting/Bookeeping Service:

Processing of financial information
Bookkeeping services for small businesses
We prepare your accounting reports that facilitates the
smooth and successful functioning of your business.
Computerized accounts are prepared for client review
on Month-End. Quarter-End & Year-End
Federal Tax Deposits and Filings
State Tax Deposits and Filings

New Business Registration

Registering your business before the
Division of Corporations and IRS
EIN number
Sales Tax Registration

Immigration Service:

Petition Family Green Card
Replace or Renew Green Card
Application for Employment Authorization
DreamAct Application for Students
US Citizenship Application
Naturalization Certificate Citizenship